Lightwind kiting at the 2nd lagoon in Luderitz-Namibia

Hi friends 🙂

I am now at the Luderitz speedchallange in Luderitz-Namibia.

The first day I test the channel i got 3 runs in light wind and then the wind got up to impressive +60 knots. So strong that I got to be here to see both men and womens worldrecord be beeten . Amazing 🙂

Yesterday the wind was light so I went to the lagoon to enjoy the day in shorts 😉

My friend Poul Railton take out his Phantom 3 drone and made this small Nice movie . Thanks alot bro 🙂

2nd Lagoon move HERE

The gear this day was Cabrinha Velocity 10 and Cabrinha X-Caliber board:-)

Take care and see you soon

// Roger