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My whole overwhelming trip to Luderitz in Namibia to reach my maximum speed over 500m


Hallo friends 🙂

22 February 2013 I was admitted to participation at Luderitz speed challange in October and happiness was complete.
It was something I wanted to try for a long time. Although I do not have speedkiting that I do most but it’s a huge boost when I fly over the water in high speed.
Love everything aroud kitesurf if only I can be on the water as much as possible 🙂
The journey began in February 2013 when I started with my workout goals so I would be in my lifes best physical and mental shape.
I went out so hard that I got a bump on a disk in the neck, resulting in numbness and dropped strength in the right arm.
I smile at it today, but I can promise you that I did not for 4 weeks.
With help from my Chiropractor, Naprapat and Masseur, I could slowly go back to training again.
Took about 3 months before I was back in form to train at full speed. I was Soooo happy again 🙂
Now I started training again for my goal which was Luderitz speed challange in October

I went out from my home to my company on Stand up paddelboard 3-4 times a week 7.5km one way. It`s really good training for the whole body and soul. I am now so hooked on this awesome sport. Funktionell training is also one of the sports I love or all kiting when we have wind.

I ordered the new Genetrix Hydra V6 in the size 8-9-12 m/2 because I heard that Hydra is one of the safest in extreme conditions. But unfortunately I got the kites the same week i went to Luderitz. Hmm not so good to race with kites I not normally kite with. I have the Cabrinha kites for everything. Freestyle and waves
I also hade the Xelerator boards for the last 5 years but this year my friend Fred did not have the time to build new boards for me because he had more new things to think about. 🙂 No problem i think, I got in contact with Nico at ROOTS SHAPES and he was very kind to help me with new boards. I tryed out the boards in light to medium winds in Sweden. I was soo happy how the boards went in this condtition.
I also ordered a extra board for lighter condition that I got the same week I went to Luderitz.
I was mighty excited to go to a place I never been to. I travel alot in my work but never to Namibia, so this was a special place to visit for me.
Ole Kjar from Denmark was my travellingfriend at this event and we got a very nice feeling together and everything was perfect 🙂

Then it happened, none of us could imagine in our worst nightmare. My beloved need an stomach surgery 14 days before we were to leave to Namibia. This can not be happening, but it appears that a operation that Jeanette did when she only was four years old meant that she had a scar that was the culprit. Damn what we were taken by surprise, we were both in our best shape in our lives and now this shiiiitt 🙁 When I got home from Luderitz, she would begin her second of three courses before getting a personal trainer in funktionall training. This is her Life and she have the same love for this that I have for all watersports.
I was now Not ready to go to Luderitz. But after 12 days we talked how to do and I phoned the airline company on how I will be home the fastest way if anything happens. Maximum 18h and I was back in my home again.
So at the last minute we together decided that it is possible to go to Luderitz and I could catch a plane home if things not work out as planned at home. I was very nervous the first week but it went well with the help from my kids and friends at home 🙂 ( Love you all very much 🙂 🙂 )

The trip from my home to Luderitz.

Starting the morning 4/10 at 10.00
Copenhagen to London
London to Johannesbourg
Johannesbourg to Windhouk.
Sleeping in Windhouk 5 to 6/10
Windhouk 830km with car to Luderitz
Arriving at the Luderitz Nest Hotel 6/10 17.00

55 h traveling one way 😉

The Event starting 7/10 with light wind but perfect training condition and testing the channel for the first time.
I get a talk with Sebastien Cattelan because I did not get my bars for my new Genetrix Hydra kites. No problem I borrowed one from him and I also talked about my first run in the channel. The first he told me was that my new board is not good in the channel. WHHHHAT.
These would need much more curved in the bottom shape and much narrower at the stern. But I thought that now I’ve spent so much money on two new speed boards. I was obviously very disappointed but he had of course absolutely right. I almost shook apart by vibrations from the waves in the channel. I got my best times in only 20 knots (10m/s) so light wind they normally closes the channel.
I promise I did my best with what I thought would be the perfect gear for me but it resulted only in 24 runs in the channel.
But insteed I got to meet all these amazing like-minded athletes with a great big heart for their sports. I do not intend to give up to get really good speedtimes next year and hope of course I will meet all these great new friends that I met at Luderitz speed challange 2013.
Just want to say I miss you all already and wish we soon meet again. So much happines and big smiles from all of you 🙂 🙂

No Pain No Gain and now also, Get it right and run hard again next year 🙂


// Roger Örnvang