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2 days with sun, heavy rainfall, 6c, but strong wind :-)

HalloThis weekend started at JP-Hala/Landskrona. I went to this place to get good speed training but the water was to choppy. I took my RRD Poison Contest 130*39 instead and got 3.5h nice freestyle kiting  :-)The gear:  First the Cabrinha 9 Crossbow IDS and after 2h I took the 7Today I was at my home spot Fortuna beach, this day was really crazy with sun, heavy rainfall, 10-20m/s, and onshore wind.The gear: First the Cabrinha 7 Crossbow IDS and after 2.5h I took the 9 for 1.5h and the best kiteboard i now RRD Poison Contest 130*39.No pain no gainAloha//Roger