December surf at my homebeach with alot of good friends :-)

Hallo friends,

Went out kiting today with great friends at my homebeach.

Fantastic feeling to see all get down to the beach even if we got, rain cloudy december weather and around 8-10c. But Big smiles 🙂

Gear today : Cabrinha FX 8 and Cabrinha X-Caliber.

Woow the Cabriha X-Caliber is a fast boosting machine and Super good lift in the FX kite  with fingertip control 🙂








My amazing trip to Luderitz Speed Challenge 2015

Back home again after a fantastic speed adventure in Luderitz 2015.

You might wonder why we first fly and drive close to 24 hours to a small village called Luderitz in Namibia to run as fast as we can with windsurf or kitesurf equipment in a speed channel.

Sure sounds completely crazy, but I let you’ll know why, and what makes us go away from family, friends and businesses to participate in Luderitz Speed Challenge year after year. 🙂

We all seek to participate in this event, and if we are accepted, choose how many weeks we want to try to beat our personal speed records, or if you have a lot of experience and great courage can actually stand there as the world’s fastest man or woman on water pulld by a sail or a kite. Awesome 🙂

My year started with setting my training schedule, ordering new Cabrinha Velocity kites from my great friends Patrik Johansson, Marcus Boman with the super crew  at Surfers in Varberg-Sweden and 2 speedboards from my awesome shaper Phil Carbon.

Erik Beale was my  traveling friend this year and we met at Frankfurt airport for onward travel to Windhoek in Namibia and an absolutely amazing trip in the car for about 900km through the small towns and the Big desert to reach Luderitz on Namibia’s west coast. We both have  a lot of energy and a lot to talk about during such a long journey. It allowed us to know one another alot.

We met our good friends during the ceremony that takes place every week to welcome us and to say thanks and goodbye to the great speedsurfers who leave the event. We were many great friends that gathered during the last 2 weeks. We all have easy to laugh and entertain us and at the same time give everything to support each other during the speedevent.

What many do not know is that we are all from different backgrounds. We are full-time professionals in surfing, workers, lawyers, musicians, entrepreneurs, instructors, kitesurfing instructors, lifeguards, volunteers, racers and so on. We are all coming from all parts of the world and feel a huge community through speedsurfing and I feel enormously privileged which has the possibility so sitt down on a plane to fly over Europe, and almost all of Africa and drive through the desert to meet everyone in a small village in Namibia. It is pure love to do this and to meet like-minded speedsurfers in Fantastic Luderitz. Miss you all already 🙂

 Big hugs to Sophie Routaboul, Sebastien Cattelan, Fabrice, Jason with all the fantasic crew at this amazing event during the last 2 weeks. Bruno, Ulf and the Fantastic crew at Nest Hotel, My great friends Erik Beale, Alberto Possati, Raffaello Gardelli, Mark Grinnell, Andrew Redfern, Farrel O,shea, Paul Railton, Jonathan Tait Lourent Heiligenstein with family. And of course all the other participants who are struggling so hard to achieve their best results.
Big respekt to all speedsurfers that challange the nature to break new world records, national records and personal best.
I hope to see you all very soon again my awesome speedfriends 🙂
Big hug also to one of my best friend Anders Lydeen who is fighting hard to ensure that everything will be perfect on our kitesite

Go Fast – Pure adrenaline 😉

// 19 Roger Örnvang


Lightwind kiting at the 2nd lagoon in Luderitz-Namibia

Hi friends 🙂

I am now at the Luderitz speedchallange in Luderitz-Namibia.

The first day I test the channel i got 3 runs in light wind and then the wind got up to impressive +60 knots. So strong that I got to be here to see both men and womens worldrecord be beeten . Amazing 🙂

Yesterday the wind was light so I went to the lagoon to enjoy the day in shorts 😉

My friend Poul Railton take out his Phantom 3 drone and made this small Nice movie . Thanks alot bro 🙂

2nd Lagoon move HERE

The gear this day was Cabrinha Velocity 10 and Cabrinha X-Caliber board:-)

Take care and see you soon

// Roger