Etikettarkiv: Fortuna beach

December surf at my homebeach with alot of good friends :-)

Hallo friends,

Went out kiting today with great friends at my homebeach.

Fantastic feeling to see all get down to the beach even if we got, rain cloudy december weather and around 8-10c. But Big smiles 🙂

Gear today : Cabrinha FX 8 and Cabrinha X-Caliber.

Woow the Cabriha X-Caliber is a fast boosting machine and Super good lift in the FX kite  with fingertip control 🙂








About 30 hours I will start the adventure to Luderitz Speed Challenge in Namibia



Hello Family, Friends  and Sponsor 🙂

In about 30 hours I will start my adventure to take part in the Fantastic speed event in Luderitz located in Namibia.
I am flying from Copenhagen to Frankfurt, where I meet up with Erik Beale who was the first windsurfer over 40 knots.
We fly on to Windhoek in Namibia and pack all our things in the van which we then drive another 850km.  The roads are fantastic so no problem but we should be sure to have plenty of water as we drive through the desert for 7-8 hours.
To those who have not followed my travels to Namibia before, I would say that it is a country with incredible kindness and you feel very welcome. So if you want to experience something completely
different you should visit Namibia as soon as you can. You will not be disappointed.
You can follow my adventures on this blog.
I want to thank my family, friends and sponsors who support me.

My Best support is of course my family ,Jeanette, Max, Bob and Olivia. I Love You All so much. 🙂

Mom, Dad and Sister with family you are wonderful. I love you guys

One of my best friends Anders Lydeen help me with everything regarding our kite site Best friend and IT support is great 🙂

All my great friends that give me big hugs and puch me alot.

Sponsor and great friends for many years is Surfer in Varberg-Sweden with all the amazing crew that always support me with a Big smile.

My speedboard sponsor is the amazing Phil Carbon ,PC2 that help me to get the board exactly that I want it and help me to get one of the first fin that is printed out in Titanium. I got the fin today, woow this fin is amazing and cant wait to test both the board and fin in the speedchannel 2/11

The fantastic crew at my company R-Tech Solution AB is Top Noch

Take Care and Enjoy Life 🙂

// Roger







Fortuna beach 2013-05-04

Aloha 🙂

We got a very nice sunny day with gusty S-vind but so what, it was the fist day without all the extra rubber gear on the body 😉

Gear today : Cabrinha Chaos 9, Cabrinha Swichblade 9 and Xelerator Kick 134

Have a nice day friends 🙂

BR // Roger