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3 days without wind in Luderitz

Luderitz 2013

Ciao 🙂
Now we had three days without wind so it has become time to go over my equipment and shaping on the channel edges.
Have to say that we get really go food and friendly and nice people.
We finally get wind this afternoon that will increase over the weekend. 🙂
We are all very keen to get out there and give everything in the channel.

Wishing you all a very nice weekend

kind regards
/ / Roger

Perfect day at Landskrona for speed and freestyle :-)

HiThe day was really perfekt with, Sun, 20c, 10-12m/s .I went out with the speedboard and run 37.8 knots (Smile)Click to see my latest speed recordsThe wind was also very good for boosting high jumps.Today I went out witout shoes, hood and no gloves ”Perfect”The gear today: Cabrinha 10.5 Crossbow3 and RRD Poison 130*39 and my speediThe weather today: Sun, 20c, 10-12m/s .Have a nice dayRoger